Who is Blackview?

Blackview produces mobile phones that are sturdy and designed to last.

For Blackview quality and experience is the core, and we impose strict quality assurance on all procedures from design to production. All Blackview products are subjected to high standards and undergoes several tests to ensure that all users have a perfect experience.

The phones are water-resistant and dust-proof. In addition, the rugged phones will withstand the impact of relentless pounding/shocks, pressure and even to be run over.

The Nordic importer of Blackview is Skandinavisk Handelshus, which has several years of experience in trade and service of international products in high quality.

Our Values

Our values are your guarantee for a quality mobile, that will be reliable for both work and adventures.

High quality

We believe that quality belongs to everybody. All mobiles are designed and quality assured, so the phone will be a sturdy buddy – no matter where you are.

Service guarantee

Our specialists are ready to give you the support you need – online as well as offline.

Constantly in development

We are in constant movement to develop the best mobiles. Technology and human needs are areas in continuous development; therefore, we make a virtue out of being on the cutting edge.

Our history

Blackview was founded in March 2013 by serial entrepreneur David Xu, who believes that quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

The focus on human needs are our starting point when we develop new models. They should be able to withstand the most demanding conditions – regardless of weather, terrain or environment. Through an innovative approach to product development, we have introduced several rugged phones with the latest technology, and we have an ambition to constantly be on the cutting edge with the user’s needs.

Our specialty is rugged mobile phones. That does not mean that we compromise with technology, when the durability is increased. We have been/are the first to manufacture rugged mobile phones with wireless charging, thermal image and P70 (and P90) chipset.

The development and innovation doesn’t stop here! We are in constant movement, so we can continue to satisfy the many Blackview users all over the world.